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U.S. Military Arms

Factory Letters
And Military Records

Krag Bolt Removal

Which U.S. Bayonet?

M1917 Enfield Parts Markings

M1917 Enfield Sling Instructions

M1 Garand Disassembly and Parts

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Society of American Bayonet Collectors

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Mauser Pistol C-96


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Spotting Fake Firearms
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The Anti-Gun
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Links To Arms Collector Groups
If you have a firearms or militaria related page and you would like us to link to it, send us an e-mail. If we add your link, we request that you have a link to on your page.

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Antique and Collectable
Firearms and Militaria Headquarters


Utah Gun Collectors Association

Regional Groups
Most also sponsor shows, many open to the public, others restrict admission to members and invited guests. Most clubs welcome membership regardless of where you live.
Only groups with websites are listed. There are about twice as many without websites.

Alaska Gun Collectors Association
Arms Collectors of Georgia
Baltimore Antique Arms Show
Buffalo Bill Center of the West/Cody Firearms Museum
Colorado Gun Collectors Association
The Dallas Arms Collectors Association
Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society
Historical Arms Collectors Society Of B.C
Houston Gun Collectors Association
Maryland Arms Collectors Association
Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association
The Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association
New Mexico Gun Collectors Association
Ohio Gun Collectors Association
Ontario Arms Collectors Association
Oregon Arms Collectors

Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association
Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association
Santa Barbara Historical Arms Association
St.Louis Antique Arms Association
Texas Gun Collectors Association
Tulsa Arms Show
Utah Gun Collectors Association

Virginia Gun Collectors Association
The Washington Arms Collectors
Ye Connecticut Gun Guild

National Rifle Association- Main Page

List of all NRA Affiliated Clubs with postal address, no links

Special Interest Arms Collectors Groups
These are collecting fields where there is a formal group devoted to that topic. Some are quite large, and others quite small, but each makes important contributions to our knowledge of arms history.

The American Single Shot Rifle Association
American Society of Arms Collectors
Arms and Armor Society of America
Browning Collectors Association
Colt Collectors Association
The Company of Military Historians
Contemporary Longrifle Association
Fifty Caliber Shooters Association
Freedom Arms Collectors Association
Garand Collectors Association 
German Gun Collectors Association
Glock Collectors Association
High Standard Collectors Association
International Ammunition Association (Cartridge Collectors)
Karabiner Collectors Network
L.C. Smith Collectors Assn, 5104 Salima St. Clinton, MD 20735

Mannlicher-Schoenauer Collectors Association
Marlin Firearms Collectors Association
The Miniature Arms Collectors and Makers Society Ltd
National Automatic Pistol Collectors
National Mossberg Collectors Association
Parker Gun Collectors
Remington Society of America
Replica Black Powder Percussion Revolver Collectors
Ruger Collectors Association

Society of American Bayonet Collectors
Weatherby Collectors Association
Winchester Arms Collectors Association