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Krag Bolt Removal and Installation
(For U.S. models, but Danish and Norwegian are similar)
by John Spangler

Very easy once you know how, but until you learn the secret, it seems to be an impossible task.
Make sure the rifle is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Bolt Removal
1. Open the bolt and pull all the way to the rear.

2. Hold the bolt handle with your right hand, and lift up on the extractor directly above the locking lug.

3. When the extractor has been lifted about 1/8" to 1/4" turn the bolt handle slightly to the left (open more) and pull bolt to the rear.


4. Pull bolt all the way out and it should look like this:

Bolt Installation

1. start with the bolt looking like this:

2. Start bolt into the receiver with the locking lug sticking up, and slide it forward. You may have to press down on the ejector (floppy thing on the bottom of the receiver) to get the bolt in far enough for the next step.

3. When the locking lug is clear of the rear part of the receiver, start to twist it to the right. While doing this, guide the extractor into position along the top of the bolt and it will snap into place.

When you are done the rifle will look like this:

Rev 7/12/02

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